Creating and Honoring Space

Posted by butterfly on March 9, 2019 at 8:45 PM

Creating and Honoring Space

If you could see how gently and with great respect Ashéninka Mino prepares the space for each session, you would understand why the healings are so deeply profound. I quickly, as usual switch into a trance like state. I am not ready for this journey so I leave the room. I wonder if I will ever be ready to assist Mino with treatments again. Ever since the first sessions, I quickly learned how sensitive I was to others energy. I would get sick or feel the pain of the clients. Some sessions would leave me sick for days. I knew that this work is something that would take years for me to grow into, if I was meant to do it. While Mino is consulting with the client about the issues they hope to resolve, the Plant world begins to speak to me. Flashes of images and Plant names dance around in my head. I have to quiet them and stay focused on Mino’s words so I can translate for the client the procedure. Already though, I have a list of recommendations for them when the session is over. And many times, I already have the remedy made. It is amazing to me how many times for no particular reason an herb makes its way into my space. I ponder giving it away because I don’t want it to be stored away uselessly. But within a day or two the answer reveals itself to me. For example, I had the strongest urge to put a grindelia oil blend together for no conscious reason other than I love the plant. I take it with me to an herbal gathering the next morning hoping to have a few moments to share about it. By luck one of my very favorite teachers showed up and I was delighted I had this special plant gift for her. A day later I received a message from her that she had had been dealing with some respiratory issues and the gift was an immediate resolution. I have many experiences on a regular basis like that. I don’t feel driven to find the reason or explanations for these occurrences, anymore. Now, I just enjoy them and wait for the next interesting story to unfold.

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