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Ashéninka Mino Healing Sessions

Posted by butterfly on May 20, 2015 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (2)

Hello Friends,   Finally we are in another amazing space surrounged by amazing healing herbs. We feel it really lends to powerful Healings facilitated by Ashéninko Mino. We are blessed to be able to offer these sessions Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (both morning and evenings hours are available). The sessions last between 1 1/4 hour to 2 hours. Mino does not look at the clock. The suggested offering is $65. For more information contact me at [email protected] 

Medicine Wheel Apprenticeship - 2015

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Hello Awesome People!

Here it is! Finally, Spirit has helped me understand what it is I am to present as a new teaching for those who have been asking for more. This commitment is dedicated to the empowerment of all Beings that have felt the sadness of not being able to speak from the depths of their own unique soul. Together with the Plant kingdom we will explore how we can strengthen this connection.

I offer you 10 weeks, of my time dedicated to you on this unique journey where you will find the Plant Allies that are specific to your needs and how to apply them with confidence.

The curriculum revolves around the Medicine Wheel that represents our growth as human beings. Starting in the East we will learn to use the Plants that help us with new beginnings. Such as the systems of the body that are affected during our process as young children. For example, skin, bone and muscular issues, which are reflexed in imbalances such as rashes, allergies, pain, etc. Those of us that have been traumatized during that time in our lives will note that we are still suffering from these issues in some form. From my experience, I would suggest that the Medicine Wheel is more of a spiral than a flat, 2-demeninsional diagram. Each week we will continue through the Medicine Wheel in each direction showing you the development of the human being and the possible imbalances and our Plant Allies, to inspire healing and confidence in our lives.

A $500 commitment is required at the first class which will be a one on one personal Plant assessment. Similar to a consultation/ card reading. This will help you and I determine how this program will be structured in finer details. After the individual class, we will meet in group settings once a week, either in my home or my daughter, Sonya's home. Most classes will be Thursday (6-9pm), evenings or Monday (9-12) mornings (possibly a second class opening up depending on interest). There will be makeup classes.

We will focus on body systems and how to bring our physical body into balance to aid the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

I am firmly committed to following the direction of Spirit to allow flexibility in how the flow of these teaching will be delivered.

With great anticipation and love for the teachings that Spirit is guiding me to share, I encourage each of you to contact me ASAP for more information or to set up your consultation. As class starts the last week of April.

Warm Blessings to all,



Chakra Herb Class

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Chakra Herb Class

8 week course

Begins Wednesday May 21, 2014


Cost: $400 (cash discount if paid in full by April. 27th - $360)

Beginning with the root chakra we will look at how the systems of the body are all connected emotional, mental, physical and spiritual and how herbs can be used to help harmonize all these systems and bring balance. We will learn how to incorporate specific herbs with each chakra to empower ourselves with choices that will strengthen us. I use predominately food-grade herbs but will touch on a few more powerful herbs for creating quicker changes when needed. We will learn to do simple preparations and there will be lots of sampling.

Class size limited.


Shabeta's Healing Garden
uptown area Abq. NM 87110
Bernadette Torres

Creating and Honoring Space

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Creating and Honoring Space

If you could see how gently and with great respect Ashéninka Mino prepares the space for each session, you would understand why the healings are so deeply profound. I quickly, as usual switch into a trance like state. I am not ready for this journey so I leave the room. I wonder if I will ever be ready to assist Mino with treatments again. Ever since the first sessions, I quickly learned how sensitive I was to others energy. I would get sick or feel the pain of the clients. Some sessions would leave me sick for days. I knew that this work is something that would take years for me to grow into, if I was meant to do it. While Mino is consulting with the client about the issues they hope to resolve, the Plant world begins to speak to me. Flashes of images and Plant names dance around in my head. I have to quiet them and stay focused on Mino’s words so I can translate for the client the procedure. Already though, I have a list of recommendations for them when the session is over. And many times, I already have the remedy made. It is amazing to me how many times for no particular reason an herb makes its way into my space. I ponder giving it away because I don’t want it to be stored away uselessly. But within a day or two the answer reveals itself to me.  For example, I had the strongest urge to put a grindelia oil blend together for no conscious reason other than I love the plant.   I take it with me to an herbal gathering the next morning hoping to have a few moments to share about it. By luck one of my very favorite teachers showed up and I was delighted I had this special plant gift for her. A day later I received a message from her that she had had been dealing with some respiratory issues and the gift was an immediate resolution. I have many experiences on a regular basis like that.  I don’t feel driven to find the reason or explanations for these occurrences, anymore. Now, I just enjoy them and wait for the next interesting story to unfold.


Bernadette Torres, Master Naturalist

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Bernadette Torres, Herbalist, teacher & Director of "Shabeta's HealingGarden" received a certificate of "Master Naturalist Program" – Bernalillo County - New Mexico. Was recognized for her 55 hours of study and more than 40 hours of volunteer service to the community. Service projects included teaching youth to identify and use traditional medicinal plants in and around their school or communities. Also had the opportunity to do presentations for the next incoming master naturalist interns. Congratulations !!!

The ceremony it was on Nov. 16, 2012.


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Hello friends,

Next Chakra/Herb class begins September 2012. Contact me for details. Class is limited.