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Come share teachings with Bernadette Torres, herbalist began her journey with medicinal plants and healing as a child in the mountains of Taos, New Mexico where her father introduced her to her first healing plants. As a mother, she grew her own medicinal plants to keep her family well while using herbs in cooking, teas, tinctures, oils and salves. In the last decade, she expanded her scope by studying botany, plant identification and herbal medicine making with Bert Norgorden, MA who is well-loved herbalist and nature photographer. In 2004, she began her foundations in Herbal Medicine studying from the wisdom of Teresa Crosier, DOM and wise woman. Who taught her to open her 5 senses and trust her intuitive abilities to make Plant relations.

Bernadette Torres, Grandma, Meadowcine Woman, Teacher, Herbalist, Master Naturalist, Health Facilitator, Director of Shabeta's Healing Garden. She worked in health food stores since 2004, learning the valuable connection between health and food. Recognizing the nutritional value in many plants, she became passionate about learning all she could from many amazing herbalist, curanderos and healers from all over the world. Every summer she leads private and public medicinal Plant ID hikes for the Integrative Medical Students at UNM and others. In 2009, she began teaching at New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. The only nationally recognized massage school that offers an herbal program. Since 2006, her journey brought her to study the Ashéninka healing techniques from the central jungle of Peru with her partner Ashéninka Mino. Together they run an outdoor garden school where they can demonstrate the Plant life from seed to fruit. At this point in her life, she is primed to share this wealth of knowledge as a teacher and herbal consultant. Offering unique apprenticeship programs geared to help students gain confidence by developing their own intuitive sense in the use of medicinal plants.

Her experience is vast but she feels like there is always so much more to know so she continues to search out other knowledgeable teachers in this field. And she finds that many of her students are providing her with the greatest opportunity to fulfill that need.