Herb classes

Herb class

Hello Albuquerque community! Welcome to our online site where we hope to keep you updated with your requests to know our Plática, Plant ID hikes & class schedules. Also we have started an herb buying club so that we can get the freshest and best prices on herbs possible!

Meadowcine Woman  Class & Chakra/Herb Class cost: $850 (payment plan is available and discount to payments made in full before 1st of class) Starts in Spring 2018. 

$100 non-refundable payment to hold a space is required. Space is limited.

Plant ID Hikes We meet once a month. Space is limited. Check calendar for dates. Herb ID Plant Walk cost: $35

Medicine Wheel Apprenticeship
(New Program / March, 2018)

Meadowcine Woman
  Plant Talk Series - April 2018


- Spiritual & Health Tarot
  and Plant Profiling

Sacred Corn Art Class
By Nathalie Bleser


Plática with Ashéninka Mino

Come share teachings with Brother Mino about long distance healing. Platica means discussion or talk. So come and drink tea with us and chat with Mino as you would a brother or friend. We have a beautiful space for a fire pit so we will stay warm!

Platicas means to talk. We know that we have a lot of combined experience to share and we respect that our students also have a wealth of knowledge that we can equally learn from. So we do our lectures in the style of sharing conversation. Look in the calendar for our next dates.  Space is limited.

Suggested donation: $10.00

* Sacred Sheri Ceremony - Small Group (OPEN) RSVP / PM at "Shabeta's Healing Garden" Ramada Room.

"The Work Blesses the Healer
(New publication / May - June 2015)

March - April 2015)

Healing Sessions


... Anxiety; Stress; Tension; Depression; Rage/Anger; Lacking energy; Lacking confidence; Lacking Hope; Lonely; (more) ...

Mino has a gift. The ability to clear out blocked and heavily charged energies that a person has been carrying and causing negative impact on their health and lives. He was trained since a small child by his grandfather and then by his parents & naturopathic sister in his Asheninka community to work with sacred tobacco and other techniques to heal others.The treatments last between 1 1/2 hours ~ to 2 hours. (Mino does not work by the clock). Suggested offering $ 90.00

* Long Distance Spiritual Healing  (OPEN) RSVP / PM.

* Sacred Sheri Ceremony - Small Group (OPEN) RSVP / PM at "Shabeta's Sheri Garden" Ramada Room.

"The Sheri (tobacco) Smoke & Elizabeth's Testimony" (Video) 

Shabeta's Community Services

* Herb Consultation.

* Herb ID Plant Walk.

* Herb Medicinal Bath

* Food and Tea making.

* Community Garden.

* Medicine Wheel.

* Marriage Service.
* Hands on Medicine Making.