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Herbalist began her journey with medicinal plants and healing as a child in the mountains of Taos, New Mexico where her father introduced her to her first healing plants. As a mother, she grew her own medicinal plants to keep her family well while using herbs in cooking, teas, tinctures, oils and salves. In the last decade, she expanded her scope by studying botany, plant identification and herbal medicine making with Bert Norgorden, MA who is well-loved herbalist and nature photographer. In 2004, she took the Foundations in Herbal Medicine course to learn from the wisdom of Tieraona LowDog as a physician and healer and how the herbs acted as biochemical agents in the body. Finally, her journey brought her to study the Ashéninka healing techniques. At this point in her life, she is primed to share this wealth of knowledge as a teacher and herbal consultant.

This local offering is for persons in the Albuquerque Area who would like hands -on experience with herbs. We drink teas, taste tinctures and identify herbs growing in my garden. We also offer an urban or mountain hike and a medicine making class. We give you an overview of the current status and uses of the herbs that are discussed in each module.

Bernadette worked as an herbalist in various health stores and as a rep for several herbal companies since 2004. She continues to study with various traditional and non-traditional teachers and courses. Her experience is vast but she feels like there is always so much more to know so she continues to search out other knowledgeable teachers in this field. And she finds that many of her students are providing her with the greatest opportunity to fulfill that need.